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Beautify your garden with Doorplants Services in bangalore! We offer you complete turnkey landscape gardeners near me to public, residential and corporate office clients all across Bengaluru. It is our goal to make your garden a beautiful and functional space as per your needs. 

Private Villa Property Project

Project Type: Residence Landscape
Area: 50,800 Sq.Ft
Location: Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
Features: Lawn, Tree Plantation,
Pathways, Lighting

Epitome Elan Residences Project

Located in JP Nagar, Bangalore and spread over two and a half acres, Epitome Elan has been landscaped with premium and lush flora with adequate hard scape elements and lighting as well.

Integrated Features

Some of the features we integrate in our projects include rock gardens, swimming pools, sit outs, pathways, etc. The landscape design professionals sketch out every corner before executing the plan, so that you get a clear picture of the project. Your inputs are more than valuable for us. 
Landscaping the area includes implementing removal of debris, excavation of site, laying of lawn, vertical gardens, green roof, hydroponic set up, drip irrigation set up, driveways, pathways, porches, paving patterns, building elements gazebos and decks, gates and fences and water bodies.

Why Is It Good To Have A Garden Landscape ?

Reduces Temperature and Keeps You Cooler

Makes Your House One of a Kind

Breathe Fresh and Pure Air Everyday

Adds Serenity and Beauty

Maximize Space Utilization

Elements Of Garden Landscaping

Things that can make your garden better and functional.





How It Works

We are currently servicing only in Bangalore.

1. Site Visit and Consultation

2. Customized Designs and Solutions

3. Approval of Designs and Costing

4. Project Execution


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